About Me

Hello my name is Jane Natolie, I’ve been a freelance graphic designer since June 1987 after working in the screen printing industry for a few years after art college. I have a good core of customers who keep me busy, screen printers, label printers, engravers metal and glass, doing artwork for gold and foil blocking, as well as Corporate ID and artwork for general stationery.

The end product of my work has influenced my style of illustration, but I enjoy illustration – every subject is a challenge!  

In the Gallery I’ve gathered together a small selection of work I’ve produced over the years to try and show the wide variety of subject matter I’ve drawn. I’ve also recently started doing drawings just for my own pleasure using my garden as inspiration.

I’ve been making artist bears as a self sustaining hobby since 2002, selling through family and friends. After years of friends telling me I ought to have a website I finally took the plunge in 2011!

This site will hopefully serve as a brochure to show the other products that I like making in my spare time, please enjoy browsing.